Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vicky to the rescue…

So, I got up this morning, did my daily routine, and gathered all of my things so I could get going to work.

I got my lunch packed in my lunchbox. I got my school books. I got my car stereo’s faceplate, my phone, my ring, and my watch. I got everything.

So, I went out into the cold morning, locked the door and closed it behind me. Then, I locked the screen door and closed it behind me.

Then, I walked to my car.

… then, I realized that I forgot my keys and my wallet.


So, what to do? I couldn’t get back inside!

I called Vicky. After telling her not to laugh, I cracked up. “Can you come down and open the door for me?”

She did.

I’m a dork and she’s my hero.

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