Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A short one…

Vicky’s been so busy lately she hasn’t even had time to read this thing. (You remember when she used to write?) (Me neither.) So, I just thought I’d keep this one short.

Vicky and I were up until 11:00 last night.

No, perverts. We were talking. Don’t you think I’ve written enough about sex lately?

It was really cool. I got home from school rather late and Vicky and I laid in bed… and talked. When older people are asked what makes a good partner, it always comes down to communication, having someone you can talk to. So, it’s nice to know that Vicky and I can still keep each other up, just gabbing. Granted, we haven’t been together forever, but it has been years and years.

I never want our friendship to fade off. It’s nice to know it’s still there.

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