Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Radio game…

(Not to be confused with Name That Tune… don’t ask…)

Vicky and I wanted to take the new car out on the road. Really spend some time in it.

… then, we hit LA traffic. Lesson learned!

We had to do something to keep ourselves amused. So, we put on the satellite radio. Vicky has six months of free Sirius (seriously!) but the way we listen, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up paying money for it. We love it! The music is great; there’s lots of choices!

But that’s not the part we really love.

We have 10 music channels set, everything from classic rock to hair bands to modern crap (leave me alone! I’m old!) to disco. Lots of crap! And we love it.

Then, it began.

I clicked #1.

“Ah, George Harrison,” I said, showing off my musical erudition.

Then, #2.

“Def Leppard,” Vicky informed me.


“Cindy Lauper.”



And, before we knew it, we had a game. But what’s a game without a way to score? Turns out, Vicky’s car has a TEXT button that, when pressed, displays the artist and song title. So, when we really want to show off, we’ll give both. (But how sad is it when you yell out “The Streak by Ray Stevens” only to realize you would have been better off getting that one wrong?)

As a result, Vicky and I no longer listen to music. We listen to 5-10 seconds of a song and either scream out answers or make straining sounds as we juice our brains for musical lore. This has actually turned out some interesting facts. Sure, we know that Vicky’s strength is not music from the 1970’s nor is mine anything… recent… but there’s more! For instance, Vicky cannot identify any song by Tesla. I, on the other hand, have a black hole where female artists from the early ‘70’s reside. I can zap any tune by Elton John. Vicky is the Hair Band princess… though we kinda knew that, huh?

Be very afraid if you every ride in our new Escape with us. You may find yourself playing it, too.

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Jenn from WA said...

I play that same kind of game in my car with my iPod. Though not nearly as much fun on two levels. 1) it's just me and 2) it's my iPod.

But I think i would have a good balance for you and Vicky. 70's and Hair bands alike.