Thursday, January 31, 2008

I look almost lifelike!...

For the past few weeks, I had decided to let my beard grow out. Now, listen. I grow facial hair like a teenager… a young teenager… with glandular problems, so it’s not like mine is impressive in its bulkiness or anything. Still, I thought I’d try it out and, in fact, I liked it. I like the beard thing. I’ll probably grow it back.

Yes, I say “grow it back” because last night I shaved it all off. My face is now just as smooth as a baby’s but… as well…

So, Ruben comes into my office today. He’s a young guy in his early 20’s. Actually, everyone here is in their 20’s, except our Director of Marketing… who’s in his early 30’s… Ruben walks in, notices my lack of whiskers, and says, “Wow. You look like a young man.”

I felt like removing my false teeth and asking for my walker.

But I didn’t. I just smiled and said, “Thank you, Ruben. I feel like a young man.”

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