Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Food and Boots…

(Keep in mind, this was written yesterday...)

Tonight’s my first day of school and, as you can probably guess, I’m a little nervous. So, rather than write about today, I thought I’d take a little trip into the future.

Tomorrow is going to be my first fasting day and I think it’ll be interesting to see how that goes. My doctor says it’s okay to water-fast, which is fasting while still drinking water, since I’m a pretty healthy guy… I said “healthy”… okay, fat. She just warned me to keep some quick food nearby in case I get light-headed or weak. Check.

I was actually there for a wart on my hand. I waited nearly two hours to see her about that and found out I can treat it at home. Okaaaaaay. So, while I had her, I figured I might as well take up some more of her time. I got a prescription to get tested for Tay-Sachs, which has nothing to do with my sacks, thank you. Tay-Sachs is a very rare birth defect found in French Canadians and Jews and – since my mother is French Canadian and may even be part Jewish (more than apparent thanks to her black belt in guilt) – getting tested wouldn’t be a bad idea. The condition is rare but highly mother-fucking fatal. No thanks.

And I talked to her about fasting, which she thinks is a good idea… in theory… she thinks I’m crazy, of course.

I waited two hours for that.

While I waited, I read a bunch of magazines I would not ordinarily look at. In the mountain of mags was a backpacking magazine. Now, I love hiking and backpacking. I’ve just never been fortunate enough to be with a woman who loved it as much as me. As I read this magazine, I felt my temperature rise at the thought that I can’t go hiking because Vicky won’t go.

And that’s just not right.

I can go. When I was single, I went hiking alone. So, why not go again?

Well, because I hate my boots. They should have been made by Audi (or Hummer, those of you not into the subtle), they’re so big, which is fine for a weekend trip but not for a day hike. What I wanted, I realized, was a new pair of boots – and that’s only fair considering mine are a decade old anyway – so I could go hiking.

Right about now is the perfect time to start hiking again. The hottest part of summer will soon wind down and we’ll have six months of hiking time until winter hits. Then, I’ll need to stop for winter… for a week or so…

Somewhere between school and work, by golly, I’m gonna do this!

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