Monday, August 06, 2007

Another way to be a Pinko...

I've been researching reusable water bottles for Ken and I to use (to replace our plastic bottled water habit) and we found Sigg water bottles. Yet another way for us to be wacky liberals.

We also try to use cloth shopping bags, reuse bags, or just request not to have a plastic bag when we can (this usually requires one of us to remember to bring our shopping bags, which we forget to do sometimes). I came across this website with lots of alternatives to plastic products.

We also found some new body wash, hand soap and cleaning products...Method. This stuff is non-toxic and nearly 100% natural (and you can buy it at Target). I'm trying the body wash to see how I like it. Oh and bonus for all you patriotic types out there, it is Made in it also supports the domestic economy.

So, give it a try...what have you got to lose?


Jenn from WA said...

Hey Ken - I think you have a virus. Some Dame is posting to your blog? Some chick named Vicky? Who the hell is that?

Oh um, Hi Vic

Oh and I'm going natural too. Au natural clothes. = )

Kenneth La Salle said...

Who is this "Vicky" person, anyway???