Monday, April 03, 2006

Daddy Dumbass...

Two words: Costco & Diapers...

I heard them this morning, coming out of Michael's office. He and Tom were in there and I stepped in. "Did I just hear Costco and Diapers used in the same sentence?"

I had.

So, I told them this story. Vicky and I received a coupon book in the mail for Costco. Inside, there were coupons from three makers of diapers. Vicky, who isn't even pregnant, said, "We should pick some of those up."

My response was kind of a "Hurhrunh?"

The guys looked at me with a knowing kind of look.

And they started telling me stuff.

People with kids - let's call them "parents" - are always giving me advice. I'm always forgetting it. I feel like a jerk. Tom said, "Don't worry. You'll remember when you have one." Michael said, "Or you'll learn as you go."

Learn as you go?! Hell, I've been learning to write as I go! Twenty-four or more years later and I still don't have a book published! I can't wait twenty-four years to master the art of changing a diaper!!!

So, I go to sites like this - and I read. I have books at home to read.

And Vicky isn't even pregnant, yet.

How can people look at parenthood as anything but the hardest pop quiz they'll ever take???

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Jenn from WA said...

I think my parents did the "learn as you go" technique and I turned out okay...well relatively okay...hmmm...maybe you should study more...because the more I think about this "learn as you go" technique...the more I wonder

You'll be fine I'm sure and if you aren't, Vicky will be sure to tell ya.