Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This was posted on Dubious Quality today:

(In case you're wondering, Dubious Quality is my absolutely favorite video game blog and, yes, I've added a link to this here site as well!)

I'm allegedly 45 today. ... On the positive side, I get to eat birthday cake and go with Gloria and Eli 4.8 to see Deep Sea 3D at the IMAX theater this afternoon.

Now, okay, I grant you that you probably don't know what the hell he's talking about but there's a point to this.

My point is that he's 45. His son is about four and a half years old. So, he became a father when he was 40.

... about the same time Vicky and I are planning on having a kid.


That means I might, too!

Now, I know where you're going. You're thinking I'm just far too neurotic about this fatherhood thing. Right? You're thinking I'm WAY overanalyzing it. Right?

Well, hold on a second. I used to be very neurotic about my love life and crazy neurotic about being lonely and fucked up neurotic about my art.

Now, that has pretty much worked itself out.

Did you expect I wouldn't find something else?

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Jenn from WA said...

Once neurotic! Always neurotic! I think psychology calls it transferance - or something like that...what's your next neurotic obsession going to be once a child comes around?

When I think about having children (and thanking god I won't likely) I don't feel guilty because I know there's a 50/50 chance that it'll be a girl. Why does that matter you ask? Simple, that girl will be a TEENAGE Girl at some point. My nieces have showed me that it would probably be better to lock them up at 12 and let them out at 21. Does that give you something to be neurotic if you have a girl? Glad I could help.

Your Pal - Jenn