Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Four name titles...

First, there was With Eyes to See.

Then, I wrote No More Blue Roses.

Now, it seems, I am firmly entrenched inside Love of Your Life.

I hit the 5,000 word mark this morning. If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said that this idea would peter out at around 5k... but no. Far from it. Times like these I can't help but think I don't pick the stories; they pick me.

Consider it: a book about a man in a mid-life crisis who has to take care of a boy. Hasn't that movie already been made about forty BAJILLION times??? If it were up to me, I'd rather be working on something more unique.

I mean, for fuck sakes, Rich is writing a book about vampire cowboys! I want a piece of that action!!

But, nope. I'm writing The Courtship of Eddie's Fucking Father.

And I'm liking it.


Eddie's father isn't exactly Bill Bixby, mind you. He's Max Von, the star of many horror films you may not have heard of, some of which include:

School House of Horror
Blood Hunt
Blood Hunt 2: The Search for Alix
Cold Blooded Cruel
Cold Blooded Cruel 2: Bloody Crueler
Cold Blooded Cruel 3: Bloody Stump
Power Tool Killers

He dropped out of doing movies a few years back, when he'd made enough money to retire early. But then, his wife left him and took everything. Since then, he's been drinking his life away.

And he's been just as happy there as I would have been. Now, he's going to be forced to move on in his life, to take car of the child of an old friend, help the kid get over the loss of his mother, while surrounded by people who want the kid much, much more than Max does. But the mother wanted Max to have him... and nobody can figure out why.

My next four word title? Get me a drink!

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Jenn from WA said...

I've been privy to reading the first 1,000 words...and as I mentioned to you earlier..."me likey!"