Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Where are you?... a little lunchtime philosophy...

I had some time today and got to thinking on things political and philosophical and how I could write about them on the blog. After all, we're talking about some heavy-duty shit here, no? Where to start?

Well, why don't we start with some basics?

It has been said that you can tell what kinds of people you associate with by what they talk about. Small minds talk about other people. Mundane minds talk about things. Expanding minds talk about ideas. (It's not an exact quote by any means but it gives you an idea.)

So, let's talk about ideas for a minute...

Years ago, I studied a little about Kundalini Yoga and my mind will occasionally return and ask me where I'm at. It's a pretty simple idea and pretty easy to explain. Think of Kundalini as a metaphor for your spiritual journey or level of enlightenment, all coiled up within you. But you can follow the Kundalini, and the various chakras (stations along the way) from the most basic to the most enlightened - not only can you, we all do. You have little choice. In this metaphor, it is your spiritual life.

Of course, this isn't religion we're talking about. Yes, there's a huge difference. This transcends dogma while residing in basic philosophical thought.

So, let's follow the Kundalini up and see where you're at. Don't worry. No Sanskrit needed.

First stop: Your Root chakra. This chakra resides at your anus, which is appropriate because that's the only thing the person residing on this chakra care about. This person hasn't grown past his Freudian anal state. Don't worry. Most people get past this - so let's move on.

Chakra 2: The Genital Chakra. This one's a tricky one and, believe me, I've sunk to this level plenty of times myself. This chakra is interested only (as if you couldn't guess) in sexual satisfaction, fantasizing, the sensual realm. Hey, it's a fun place to be but there's so much more. This isn't to say that advancement beyond the second chakra means no more sex. Advancement beyond means you get that and more. It means you're open enough to let go of that and see beyond. I would guess that vanity, too, falls in this chakra. Narcissistic urges keep us from growing.

Chakra 3: Naval Chakra. This is the chakra of the inner fire, so it is red. The burning energy within us consumes and consumes, which is all our guts do, after all. Those residing on this chakra are consumed by greed and pettiness. This is about ME and MINE and, sadly, this is where you'll see most people. Why did (burning) Bush give our nation's surplus to the richest 1% and start a war for oil? This is where he lives.

Chakra 4: Heart Chakra. At my best, this is where I live. This chakra reflects love and kindness. Can you show love and kindness to people, can you exhibit patience and generosity? Now, can you do it even when you don't need to? Then, here you are. We're talking about selflessness here, modesty, humility.

Chakra 5: Throat Chakra. Maybe my lack of understanding explains why I've never made it to this chakra. This chakra comes from the throat, as does your voice. You've grown to the point where your words do not betray you, even in jokes. Some of us are quick to speak; I'm one of them.

Chakra 6: Third-Eye Chakra. This one is right between your eyes. Hitting this level means you aren't seeing through your left eye or right eye any more but through the one in the middle. What does this mean. No more extremes. No left or right. No light or dark. No good or evil. Now, you see beyond the duality of the universe. You see the an Iraqi is just the same as a Californian. You see that a homeless person deserves as much respect as (burning) Bush. (Perhaps that was a bad example...)

Chakra 7: Crown Chakra. This one sits right on the top of your head. At this point, you realize there are no dualities in yourself, either. So, living or dead, you are you. Also, that bug on the ground and you are the same thing because you share the same building blocks (science, folks) and have some of the same urges. You are now connected with the holiness that Jesus talked about. ("The kingdom of heaven is within all men and they do not see it.")

So, this transcends religion and intersects religion. (Mind you, there are as many outlooks on the Kundalini as there are Knock-Knock jokes...)

It's practical as well. I honestly believe that we all have a duty to be the best people we can be, otherwise we're wasting our time, cheating ourselves. So, how do we move beyond being satisfied by just the second, third, or fourth chakra? Perhaps, together, we'll learn that.

With all of these, it's easy to talk about those levels but something entirely different to exist on them.

... So, consider this the easy part.

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