Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hating the "Liberal Media"?...

To this day, I still hear the neo-cons spouting off about the "Liberal Media" and it terrifies me that people believe this.

So, I thought I'd share an article I found. Here's an excerpt:

"On CNN's "Crossfire, Paul Begala reported the following results of a Nexis-Lexis Search:
"There were exactly 704 stories in the [2000] campaign about this flap of Gore inventing the Internet. There were only 13 stories about Bush failing to show up for his National Guard duty for a year. There were well over 1,000 stories - Nexus stopped at 1,000 - about Gore and the Buddhist temple. Only 12 about Bush being accused of insider trading at Harken Energy. There were 347 about Al Gore wearing earth tones, but only 10 about the fact that Dick Cheney did business with Iran and Iraq and Libya."

"The advantage of the myth of the liberal media to Bush and the Republicans is enormous. To those who believe it, if a story favorable to Bush and the GOP appears, the response is "it must be true, since even the liberal media reports it." And critical stories? "Don't believe it, it's just the liberal media dissing our President again." Conversely for stories about the Democrats and progressives."

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chico-towner said...

so sad but so true. The media is full of conservative whores! We need to bring back the fairness doctrine, equal time, etc. etc. The tube is already in the crapper and Bush is taking another leak...