Monday, October 24, 2005

And a few words about Scrabble...

You're probably going to expect me to say, "I'd rather play World of Warcraft"... and you'd have a point.

But Vicky and I were at Target last night, spending another of those wonderful gift cards many of you were nice enough to give us as a wedding gift, and - well - there it was. Scrabble.

Now, I wanted to get Vicky something she'd enjoy, that we could have fun with... that they sold at Target. I was sick of looking at practical items! When I asked her if she liked Scrabble, she practically jumped up and down like a cheerleader, clapping. Okay, I figured, she might like it.

And we got it. We had to break it in last night so we set it up on our coffee table - and we got the kind where you can swivel the board, of course - and commenced. Vicky was kind enough to let me use the dictionary. Mind you, this only made the game last longer... She played brilliantly. You probably guessed that, huh? Thankfully, for my pride, she let me win in the end. It was a good game. And it turns out she prefers that to watching TV, which is fine by me. (In my mind, TV = Stupid. Sure, there are times when you just want to kick back and turn it on but I like to have something more stimulating as well.)

So, don't be surprised if we try to coax you into a game of Scrabble - for those of you who visit. Vicky may let you use the dictionary and she may let you win.


Jenn from WA said...

Some Seattle native words that might help increase your count...Puyallup (pronounced PU Al Up), Tulalip, Stilaguamish, Snoqualmie, and of course my favoriate Kent. Okay not really. But those are all city or indian tribes up here that I use all the time in scrabble. Unless I'm playing against a certain group who don't allow us to use City/States/Countries.

hbgrrl said...

Scrabble rocks.

Timothy said...

Yeah! I'm looking foreward to it!