Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gay Marriage Day!...

Okay, that's probably not what they will call it... whoever "They" are... if "They" are even gay to begin with... but I am really happy that this day has come.

Yes, I'm straight. I'm married to a woman and I like having sex with her. That doesn't change the fact that homosexuals are human beings and deserve equal rights with those of us who like sex with the opposite sex. So, I'm very glad that day has come, at least, to California.

My memory goes back many years ago to Tim and Axel and how the ex wanted to throw their wedding in our back yard. I had to be the one to point out that a real wedding was illegal. Once it's legal, she said, we would do it - but then, she and I divorced. (Note to Crazy Conservatives: this was BEFORE gay marriage was legal.) I wish Tim and Axel were still together so Vicky and I could watch them wed... but Tim's an ass and, love him as much as we do, he's living through a very difficult part of his life where nothing's going quite right and he's racing to rock bottom. There's still hope, though. We'd still like to see things work out and be there to witness them take their vows.

This, of course, brings me to our other gay friend, Jeff. You wouldn't know Jeff was gay, even if you knew his sexual history. You'd think he was Jesuit - the man's freaking celibate! But even if he's not ready to marry that doesn't change the fact that he should be entitled to every right Vicky and I enjoy. (Even if "enjoy" is sometimes too strong a word...)

What we really need, now that we've taken a step closer to equal rights for homosexuals, is a holiday. We in America are great at making a holiday for any, old reason. Look at St. Patrick's Day! Nobody knows what the hell that's far - but everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day. If they had Gay Day, where everyone's gay, I'd dress less conservatively and learn how to dance just for the occasion. I might even put "product" in my hair. What the hell? Homosexuals don't necessarily want you to "go gay" but I'm pretty sure they'd like you to be less uptight, paranoid, and fascistic.

So, Happy Gay Married Day to all those homosexuals enjoying a little more rights in California. It's a big step but just the beginning. Congratulations!

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