Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Half of Success…

Many have wait. Some have worried. Most have forgotten.

I reached the halfway mark in the novel about success this week. During my stretch of unemployment, I was writing less and less, being stressed about finding a job, and I honest didn’t think I’d get here. But, here I am, and it looks like getting to the finish is inevitable.

You’ll pardon me if I tell you it’s a daunting task. People have only been trying to figure out things like success for a couple thousand years! Now, here I come along, a writer with an Associates degree and very little success of his own, to tell you just what it is.

Keep in mind that the novel answers what success is, not how to find it. As I told Vicky, it answers what and why (as in, Why is this important?), not how. But I’m hoping it will be my own how (as in, How long until I get published?).

In the process of writing this book, I’ve made a lot of amazing discoveries. They were for me, at least, and I’m hoping they will be slightly as amazing for the reader. For instance, my definition of success has changed twice more since I last posted it here. (What? Tell you what it is? No, no! I’m hoping you’ll want to know so much you’ll buy the book!)

The only real disappointment has been my own timidity in the book towards discussing philosophy. I’m tending to whip by those sections pretty quickly! But then, maybe the reader will appreciate that.

So, now I enter the home stretch and it’s a bit depressing to have to go there. And I’m not referring to the book being behind me at that point, though that too will be somewhat sad. No, I refer to the content of the last pages. (Which is 45,000 words worth, if you’re wondering.) The second half of the book covers the last time I saw Tim, and the last time I saw Megan, and it’s hard to me to talk about losing them. It seems to cement things. But it’s important to move on, and so I do.

Anyway, I told Vicky that my next book will be filled with sex and violence!

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Jenn from WA said...

As long as the next book has successful sex and violence, I'm all eyes.

That being said, DO NOT make me a character in your successful sex part of the book. One would assume one would have to have sex frequently in order to be successful. And well, you know me.

Secondly, I could be a character in being successful at violence. Why just today I attempted to unleash my violence on my computer. I'm just saying...