Monday, April 23, 2007

Concrete slabs for breakfast…

Some of you might have heard about how Vicky and I went though a “steel-cut oats” craze recently. We made some home-made steel-cut oats on Sunday morning that were just insanely good. I think I shocked Vicky by how much I put away. They were just fantastic.

Well, we also bought some microwavable steel-cut oats… and it’s about these that I’d like to write today.

Concrete slabs.

That’s what they are. Concrete slabs. I nuked one this morning and I could lift it from its plastic bowl like a brick. Hmmmmm… oatmeal bricks! Then, I poured a little milk on it, added a bit of sugar, stirred it up, and had a cold, broken concrete slab.


I think I need Vicky to make some of her home-made oatmeal to get past this trauma…

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