Wednesday, January 07, 2009

School Days. School Days. Dear old holy shit...

Seven books.

Seven books for two classes.

Seven books for two classes smack in the middle of my week.

Seven books for two classes smack in the middle of my week with the job I got.

This semester is going to be a bitch.

I'll be finishing up my general education requirements with a Kinesiology class: Physical Activity & Well Being. I saw this and thought, "Ah, an easy class!" I had images of having to swim laps and shit, you know?

... No. The course description reads "An integration of physiological, psychological and sociological understandings of the human being in relationship to physical activity as a lifelong pursuit. Topics include physical fitness, nutrition, stress reduction, socialization, and individual differences in human behavior." There's a book. There's gonna be lectures. Tests. Oh god...

Because it just gets worse. My philosophy course this semester is Kant & The 19th Century. This course requires SIX books: One on Hegel, Two on Nietzsche, Two on Kant, and another one I have no clue about!! After last semester, I was really hoping for some time off, you know? Something easy, maybe? I forget exactly what that is - something easy - but it would be nice to run into it again, even by accident!

... maybe summer... maybe fall...


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