Thursday, January 08, 2009

Now, I need someone to do the science...

Let me go on record with this, because it could be big.

Everyone's so interested in moving from fossil fuels to biofuels these days and moving into hydrogen and solar... but we have something else in our energy grid that's hopelessly outdated that nobody's even started talking about. It's 18th century technology and yet we still use it day after day after day... and I'm thinking it has to stop.

It's electricity. That's right. Electricity.

Electricity is archaic. It's wasteful. It's inefficient. It's crude.

You don't think they use electricity on the Starship Enterprise, do you? (Yes, I know it doesn't exist but the principle is the same.) No, because at some point somebody is going to come along and say "Why are you using a power source that bleeds out and loses energy and isn't efficient when you could use THIS?"

... now, I don't know what THIS is. Hey, I'm just the philosopher/writer/actor/guy.

But I'm telling you, somebody should look into this because it's time we moved out of the days of horses and buggies and pre-cotton-gin technology. It's just about time.

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