Monday, January 05, 2009

Respecting the Resolutions...

I made plenty of resolutions this year (still can't smoke, dammit!) but there were two biggies:

1) Buy more produce from Farmer's Markets, at least once every other week.
2) Grow my own... um, produce, I mean.

I can't start on the second resolution until winter ends but I can begin working on the first part right away.

I found this great website called Local Harvest, which makes it really easy to find markets in your area. I came up with quite a few for myself in no time. And I've got quite a few restrictions. For instance, I work during the day, so that's out. Also, I have to work around my school schedule... whenever that is. So, I need options.

1) Downtown Fullerton, Thursdays from 4-8:30pm! Vicky and I have been here before so we know it's a good one.

2) The Road Less Traveled. Not a Farmer's Market but as close as you'll get in Santa Ana. It looks like an alternative Vicky and I need to check out.

3) Corona Del Mar, every Saturday from 9-1pm. That would make a nice morning out. What'dya think, Vic?

4) Or the other side of the county: Cerritos, Saturdays from 8-noon!

Of course, there's also the USDA.

They turned me on to:

1) Brea, Tuesdays 4-8pm

2) Irvine, Saturdays 9-1pm

Another great site is from the Southland Farmer's Market Association and I'm sure there are plenty of other sites out there as well.

I'm looking forward to finding great, healthy food for Vicky and me (and maybe a little 2009 bambino/a) to eat!

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