Thursday, January 15, 2009

Expecting Expectations...

I heard it again. Goddammit. I heard it again.

"I thought it was a good movie, as long as you went in without expectations."

I want to address this meme about not having expectations. It's bloody annoying.

I used to know this guy, Essex, who excelled at this, by the way. He lived his entire life without expectations. And he found that he enjoyed every movie, every meal, every video game, everything... because he didn't have any expectations.

Only, after a while, you began to notice how he enjoyed the most horrible crap, the most worthless garbage. His taste was bottom of the barrel, just horrible. And whenever you brought it up, he'd say it was just fine, because he didn't have any expectations.

Well, fuck that! What's wrong with expecting something to be decent? Expecting some competency? Expecting something worthwhile? Nothing! That's what! Nothing!

"It was good as long as you don't have any expectations" means "It was crap." That's all. Crap. So, don't see the movie. Don't take the advice. Don't listen to that person.

And don't expect them to understand.

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