Friday, May 30, 2008

With grades like this, Vicky’s going to expect me to keep going…

Optimally, I would like to not have to go to school, not have to go to work, and only be expected to sit around, play video games, and eat junk food.

… but life is cruel.

Not only did I get a new job but also my Spring 2008 grades have been made official. I didn’t mention my grade (singular – one class) for last semester because, well, it could have been a fluke. (Still could be, in fact.) But then, I received my most recent results and here’s how they add up:

Fall 2007: A
Spring 2008: A, B

Am I proud of myself? Sure… I guess… But at this rate, I’ll be going to decades to come. I’m a Junior now… Senior year seems so far away! … oh well.

The toughest part is that now I have to call my dad and ask if he’ll give me $10 for every A…

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