Monday, May 19, 2008

My gay marriage question for Christian whackadoddles…

Now that gay marriage has been made legal in California (and, by the way, even if it is overturned: HA HA) and you Christian nutbars are getting your crosses up your asses (which would seem to make this ironic), I have a question.

I know that in your minds Jesus was all about denying basic, human rights to people, but it still bears asking. How many gay marriages have to occur before all the straight people who are married start fucking animals or puking frogs or turn into primordial slime or whatever it is you people think will happen? How many? Five gay marriages? Fifty? I mean, now that you can’t stop it from happening completely, where are you setting the imaginarily fucked-up bar to complete Armageddon, you intolerant, close-minded, sick mother fuckers?

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Jenn from WA said...

The irony in those religious nutters opinion of gay marriage is that they are being so judgmental - which as I understand it religions (read Christians) are to be loving and welcoming and non judgmenta. Wasn't there some passage like, "ye with no sins cast the first stone."?