Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We Fit?… hardly…

Let me just start by saying, that thing will kick your ass in ways you can’t even begin to imagine!

I went down to Costco this morning to buy my Wii Fit – only to find that the truck was late… dammit… so I went home. I had a great phone interview with D-Link. Maybe things will work out there. They should, considering my 6+ years in networking. Anyway, we’ll see.

After, I gave Costco a call and – they had it! The Wii Fits (Feet?) Came In!

Of course, I dashed on down there, and bought it. (My $73 Costco rebate took care of most of the $79.99 charge.)

Setting it up was kind of a bitch, mostly because their documentation is WRONG! The book says to sync the Board before starting the game – little did I know that the game walks you through the syncing process… stupid book…

Once I got it up and running, though, I was amazed.

First, let’s get this out of the way. Am I OBESE? You bet! But the funny thing was that it set my Wii Age (which I’m guessing is your physical age determined by the Board) at 42, which for those counting is my chronological age, too. So, maybe there’s some consolation… perhaps.

The thing is a TON of fun. Once I got started, I tried some Yoga, some Strength Training, some Aerobics, and Some Balance Exercises - a little of everything. After 10 minutes, I was sweating! I defy anyone to do the Hoola Hoop exercise without sweating and/or laughing! It’s a blast!

But here’s a tip – wash your feet first! They suggest you use it with bare feet and mine, after walking around the house for a while, left some marks on the Board. Now, Vicky’s never going to use it unless I clean the thing.

But first, some more Yoga!

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