Friday, May 16, 2008

I’ll have a big shit sandwich with gravy… made of shit…

So, I didn’t get the job.

To make it worse, I was told what a great candidate I was and how I was such a close second choice and how they wish they had two positions and how – will you shut the hell up already?! Seriously, the job market is as empty as… well, my ability to write similes at the moment; I need a job! It’s like those rejection letters I get that read, “Loved your book. Thought it was amazing! Sorry, we can’t take another client.”

With school out, I thought I’d get back to some writing but I forgot how difficult it is to write in this situation. You’re too filled with dread to think of anything clever. Whenever I get close to being relaxed or enjoying myself, I become filled with guilt (don’t ask me why, the layoff was the result of the housing market, not me) and feel like I’m not doing enough, so I look through job sites that I already scoped several times that day… dammit.

… sigh.

Nothing else to say, really. This is just fucking sad.

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