Saturday, March 15, 2008

These things happen when I’m under stress…

Writing news galore.

I finished final proofs on my zombie book today. This week I’m going to get a couple synopsissies written up and ready it for submission. I don’t exactly know what it feels like to write a best-seller but this one is close. I can’t wait to start getting it out there.

Last Ditch is nearly completed, though I was cut short by getting laid off and all. I’m only about 4-5,000 words away from the end, though – and baby makes 16.

So, what to do next?

You know, the last time I was out of work I was faced with a dilemma. Do I write the book of philosophy that no one will buy or do I write the horror novel that everyone will love? It was a tough call because I really wanted to write the book of philosophy, which later became my book on success.

This time around, I want to write a book about free will. You see, I have a completely new angle on the age-old argument that, I believe, explains it all very well. Sure, no one will ever want to read it and it’ll never sell… but I’m dying to write it.

Then, there’s item number two… not a horror novel… a play.

Stephanie said the other day that at the rate I was going – getting laid off, et al – I’d never get on stage again. She may be right.

So, what if I wrote a play?

I’ve got a Word doc where I’ve been storing my jokes, gags, and one-liners as I get them. It’s 20 pages long. I’ve got plenty of material.

What would the play be about? Being married, something none of my plays ever covered. Trying to be happy. How crazy it makes you to be in love.

This time, it’s no contest. Philosophy is my meat but coming across a comedy about love… well, that’s cake all the way.

Maybe Steph might be wrong. I hope so.

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