Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Job: Week One…

You’d think, with a title like that, that this would be a continuing feature. It’s not. You don’t want to read about my job every week any more than I want to write about it every week.

But I do want to write about it this week to let you know how things are turning out.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way. Yes, I get paid hourly and, yes, there’s not a lot of time off. But, you know what? I was treated like an hourly employee the last place I was at, although I was salary, so it’s not that bad.

(I’d like more time off, of course… who wouldn't?)

The thing about this job that kind of has me blown away is the amount of faith people have in me. I’ve met with the Director of Marketing and the Director of Sales a few times and they are sure I’ll do a good job. And the great thing is, it’s not just talk.

So far, this week, I’ve taken charge of designing a new web site and setting up some corporate partnerships. They would never have let me take charge like this at IMC or at Linksys!

The big difference between then and now is that now I have a lot of expectations but not a lot of pressure. At the other places, there was tons of pressure with low expectations. Let me explain. At IMC, I was swamped with work but either very little of it was important (not menial) or I wouldn’t be trusted to do the job on my own. At the new place, they expect me to do things like design web sites and create partnerships but nobody is looking over my shoulder.

I’m treated more like an adult. I like that.

… oh, and I have an office with a window, so…

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Jenn from WA said...

All sounds good in the world of Ken. Yeah ken!