Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sometimes it ain't safe to be a writer...

Think only the "worst of the worst" (which is what Von Rumsfelt called these guys) are thrown into the torture chambers of Gitmo?

Think it's safe to be a writer?

Think again... and try to convince yourself that you hold no responsibility.


Tony said...

That is terrible. I feel for those two innocent men. However, that is the price for no domestic attacks since 2001. If there was no "Gitmo" and no "War on Terror" I am sure that we would have been succesfully attacked again, and you would iinstead be writing about how Bush has done nothing to stop the attacks.

Besides, they weren't just rounded up....they were framed by fellow Afghanis. Did you read the whole article?

Vicky said...

No domestic attacks since 2001, but what of the almost daily attacks against our troops that are fighting a war that was started because Bush lead us to believe that Iraq was a terrorist threat. We have been successfully attacked and will continue to be attacked so long as we occupy a sovereign country.

They may have been framed by fellow Afghanis, but then again they were given a cash reward from our country for turning in these "terrorists". If I point the finger at you, does that make you a terrorist?

Tony said...

Hello Vicky,

I don't remember Bush ever saying that Iraq was a terrorist threat. He did say that they had WMDs, which may have been false, based on bad intelligence that we, the Brits, and the UN and both parties in Congress (including John Kerry) believed at the time.

by the way,I am not a Bush Lackey. I have many issues with his administration.

We don't "know" that they didn't have them. What we do know is that they aren't there anymore. Now, if they were not ever there and we followed bad intelligence, then mistakes were made. but saying that it was made up and an outright lie, just to go to war is another thing all together. If that were true then why didn't Bush have the WMD's planted and then say "See, here they are"?

Now as far as our troops being attacked. They are volunteers, nobody drafted them. Ths is what they signed up for. This is a hard point for somebody who has never been in the military to grasp.

Now as far as invading Sovereign countries.......Was Yogoslavia not Sovereign when we dropped Cruise Missiles on them on Clinton's orders? Was Nazi Germany not Sovereign? Germany never attacked us, to war with them. You have the freedoms that yo now enjoy because we often invade sovereign nations to put a stop to the advancement of tyranny.

The fact is that the Middle East needs to be stabilized and Iraq is smack dab in the middle of it. I know troops that are there and they are not fighting the everyday Iraqi's. They are fighting extremist insurgents who murder Children and school teachers as well as attack our troops. The average Joe Iraqi loves our troops. Our troops are building schools, roads, bridges and houses for them. Does it not strike you as odd that 78% of the population voted FOR the US backed constitution?

Those people now have the right to vote! And they had something like a 95% turnout! try having a turnout that high here in the US.

Would you have us abandon them to the hands of murderous tyrannical men who don't want hem to enjoy the good life that you and I do? Would you abandon the children of Iraq to a future void of Choices? Would you abandon the Iraqi women from the rights that will come with this democracy, or do you support the forced wearing of coverings and the right of a husband to kill his wife if she burns his dinner? I am shocked at your lack of compassion.

For whatever reason, we are there and we can do MUCH good for those people once thew insurgency is quelled.

Kenneth La Salle said...

The amount of times Shrub has equated Iraq with Al-Quaida/terrorism/9-11 are too numerous to mention and let's not forget that the Senate voted to give him war authority based on lies. To say that Iraq had WMDs and they were too well hidden to find strikes me as desperation if nothing more and minimizing thousands of dead and maimed because they volunteered to go there (lied to or not) is pretty rotten. There's an enormous difference between Iraq and Nazi Germany - we're talking about Iraq here, not other countries. Try to stay on topic. And the fact that you buy into the "95% voter turnout" in Iraq tells me you drank the Kool-Aide, which makes it hard for me to afford your arguement any validity at all.

The topic of this post was that two innocent writers were jailed as the "worst of the worst" in terrorists and, after years of unjust incarceration have finally been released. Throwing out a net of false arguements and lies makes you sound like a dupe of the liars in charge AT BEST. It might help if you considered the topic at hand and the truth rather than your attempts at hiding it.

Tony said...


Thank you for your reply to this one.

Sorry, didn't mean to stray off topic. I was just conversiing with the wifey so the conversation evolved.

In the words of Winston Churchill, " A fanatic is one who cannot change his mind and will not change the subject."

Peace to you.