Friday, November 18, 2005

Our family enters Politics... it was bound to happen...

But maybe not the way you were expecting.

Last night, Vicky won a seat on the Board of our Home Owner's Association.

I am extremely proud of her. We went to the Board meeting last night and, when she was asked to give a speech, she stood up and spoke very simply but eloquently about her goals on the Board: preserving the beauty, safety, and tranquility of our neighborhood. The next guy to speak said, "Yeah, I agree with her."

Out of a possible 10,000 votes, Vicky pulled half, leaving the other two candidates to split the difference. She was clearly the community favorite.

I sat in the audience as she spoke and I thought about how proud I was, and am.

The next stop could very well be our local PTA, school board, or city council. Watch out. Vicky is on the move!

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