Thursday, April 28, 2011

We’ll take the religion and hold the science…

I remember some years ago… okay, many years ago, spending time in science classes along with kids who would bitch and moan and carry on about how much they hated science. “When will we use this?” they’d ask, outraged. “We’re never going to use this!”

Meanwhile, many of those kids along with many kids today spend hours in church devoted to religious beliefs. When are you going to use something like transubstantiation? When are you going to use resurrection? Never. It’ll never happen.

It amazes me how much time we invest into religion in this country – hell, in this world – and how little we invest in science. Some of you might remember, during the last presidential election, how Republican nominees couldn’t come out fast enough against global warming (science) but for religion. Science is all around is. People are dying in the middle of the country right now due to storms made more extreme as the result of global warming. Island nations are being wiped out due to rising sea levels brought on by global warming. In Japan, radioactive hell is spreading as the result of a disastrous earthquake. We should be getting smarter so we can fight these problems.

But so many would rather pray.

Way to use that brain that you insist your “god” gave you…

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