Thursday, April 21, 2011

How can you help Ken La Salle?...

Many of you know me as Ken La Salle, the writer, the playwright, the legend – but did you know I also have books available online for Kindle, Nook, iPad and other e-readers? It’s true. You can find my word on Amazon, Smashwords, and other popular sites for digital books.

You may be asking yourself at this point, “How can I help Ken La Salle sell more of these books?” Good question. To answer this, I’ve assembled a simple, 5-step process below with ways that you can help me sell my books online. Only one of them costs any money!

Step One: Buy a book!

That’s right. If you have a Kindle, a Nook, Sony Reader, iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, or another e-reading device, you can purchase my books at the following sites:

At my page:

Or from my Smashwords page:

There are plenty of books to choose from in many genres and styles. Each are reasonably priced with some as little as $2.99!

But what if you don’t have an e-reader?

Step Two: Tell your friends!

There are many ways to tell your friends. You can…

A) Tell your friends. Yes, simply telling a person you know verbally is often a great way of spreading the word about my books.

B) Tell other people as well. Got a minute? Tell the person next to you about this great, new writer who is Ken La Salle.

C) Email your friends. Yes, the power of email is in your hands. Right now! Use it! Just forward this message – or selected bits (such as Step One) – to everyone you know. Heck, even if they don’t have an e-reader, they may know someone who does.

D) Lastly, you can deface public property. ... wait... no...

But what else can you do once you’ve told your friends, you ask?

Step Three: Keep telling!

There are plenty of ways to keep getting the word out. They’re cheap and effective. You can…

A) Post a link to my books on your blog. (Just as I'm doing here!) Yes, web logging (or “blogging”) is something all the kids do today and you hardly ever catch herpes. If you don’t have a blog, start one! Start up a “Books by Ken I Love” blog at Heck, it’s free!!! Once you post my books on your blog, their search engine results will increase and raise visibility. It’s like putting the book in the front of the book store! (By the way, you could also print out the book covers and leave them at the front of book stores…)

B) Use Social Networking. If you have a Facebook account or a MySpace account or an account on any number of other social networking sites (heck, dating sites count too!), you can post a status update telling people about my books. You can post the link. You can even post your undying love… though that’s kinda creepy.

C) Twit her. No, wait… Twitter! Yes, the power of Twitter is in your hands, etc. etc. (And yes, it’s FREE!) Tweet about my books. It’ll give you something to Tweet about!

D) Lastly, have your friends do this as well! Yes, the more my books appear online – either their names or their links or anything about them – the higher my books go up in search engine results, which means more visibility for my books!

If you still have some energy left, and would like to help some more, you can!

Step Four: Some more!

There are even more ways you can help get the word out on Ken La Salle’s great books! You can…

A) Use Amazon’s “LIKE” button. Yes, you can “LIKE” all of my books, even if you haven’t read it, because you “LIKE” me!... You do “LIKE” me, don’t you?

B) Use Amazon’s SHARE buttons. You can share the book via email or on Facebook or Twitter with just the press of a button! Be the first kid on your block to share all the books!

C) Use Smashwords to get the word out! Each of my Smashwords listings includes buttons for sharing on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and a great deal more besides! Help get the word out with Smashwords!

D) My books are listed on other sites as well! Run a google search and find them. Then, LIKE them! Or share them from there! You can’t share enough, don’t you think?

You’re probably thinking, at this point, that you can’t possible do any more… But you can!

Step Five: Lie a little if you have to!

When all else fails, lie for me! Even if you haven’t read the books, you can say you have in many creative and innovative ways! You can…

A) Join Goodreads (it’s FREE at and rate my books. The higher they’re rated… you guessed it, the better I’ll do! Haven’t read them, you say? Don’t worry. I promise they’re good. You can even include a review and say, “It was good, just as Ken promised!”

B) Go back to Amazon and review my book there as well. You can say “I Loved It!” or “Sweet!” or even “I would kill any public official for a chance to read just one more book by Ken La Salle”… although you probably shouldn’t tell anyone I told you to do that last one…

C) Review my books on Smashwords!

D) You can even… no, branding my name on your forehead might be going just a little too far…

And that’s it!

It’s that easy!

New books are coming out all the time so please help where you can. I can’t do any of this without your help and without the help of everyone you know. That’s right. I’m going to need thousands of people to keep this going – so forward this on to everyone you know, whether you like them or not. Get the word out!


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