Saturday, April 02, 2011

So, this is where the bad news comes in…

Very few literary careers move in a progressively upwards direction, from base to summit. Most take detours along the way.

And so it is that I have the following bad news to report. Northern Frights Publishing is going on hiatus, temporarily shutting its doors as it weathers some difficult times. What this means to me is that the publication of Wormfood Island is no longer a certainty, in any sense. It is now off the table.

I know that quite a few of you have been looking forward to the publication of Wormfood Island. Believe me, so have I. This is sadly one of the truths of artistic endeavors: bad things happen. With this news following so closely on the heels of signing with an agent for Climbing Maya, it may still sting distinctly of whiplash but I feel compelled to believe that good things still do happen. As a matter of fact, with other writing by Ken La Salle coming out digitally and more theaters looking at my work with interest, I find I can face this change in plans regarding Wormfood Island with a tempered sort of optimism.

This is only a change in plans and it is temporary. I have gone over a few options regarding where to go next with the novel and will be pursuing those. In the meantime, a new book (Once Removed) is almost ready to go in front of agents and publishers. In this writer’s life, hope springs with each new project.

I want to thank all of you who have believed so strongly in me and in Wormfood Island. Your faith and enthusiasm always make this trip more worthwhile. Northern Frights has been nothing but decent and encouraging in a business too often filled with slimeballs and I hope that, despite this setback, we do ending up working together again.

There’s surely more to come and I’ll let you know when it does.

You can just imagine what this did to all the talk going on about “coming out of the closet”. Vicky’s first request was for me to give the closet a second chance. Then we talked about it and realized it’s not that easy. We’ve both worked hard for this to happen and, rather than backing off, the thing for us to do is to work even hard. So, we will.

Our partnership – our marriage – has weathered some tough times but we have always weathered them together. Vicky is an incredible part of my writing career because she takes those risks with me and shares in the reward.

Remember, everything changed in just one week. Who knows what next week will hold?

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