Friday, April 01, 2011

Evertime & Evermore, a collection of poetry...

Today I am happy to announce that another short collection, titled Evertime and Everymore, a collection of poetry, is now available for your Kindle (or iPad’s Kindle app) for just $2.99. You’ll find the pitch below and I hope you’ll find it soon on your e-reader. (Yes, iBooks and Nook and other formats will also soon be available.) I've included the link to Amazon here as well as in the list to the right. If you know anyone with an iPad or Kindle, please share the news!

In Evertime, my love was lost upon a fallen shore...
and here I wait, awaiting Evertime and Evermore.

In Evertime and Evermore, playwright and author Ken La Salle collects some of his favorite poems for the first time. Some were taken from the darkest places from his life, like The Slaughterhouse (It is industry that has a reason in a world of others who wish to slaughter, themselves). Others are far more whimsical (Even organ donors have to face a little rejection. Might as well enjoy yourself a little pickle-type confection). Either way, many are accessible and enjoyable for any reader.

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