Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vampire Society now available on Amazon and Smashwords...

Vampire Society is a novel that shouts “LIAR” in the face of Ayn Rand. For those who have searched for a novel that counters the philosophy of selfish destruction, this is that novel. Vampire Society has now been made available on Amazon and Smashwords for all e-readers: Kindle, Nook, iPad, you name it!

Three kids leaving high school are faced with a world they'd hoped never to encounter. "You think you got any chance once you get outta here? You're nothing but grist for the mill, that's what you are! They'll feed off ya! They'll suck out everything you got and leave you dry." With these words, their eyes open to the Vampire Society in which they live.

Vampires live only to feed. Driven by their urges and desires, they are the ultimate consumers. And the Vampire Society is one that puts the Vampire on a pedestal.

Abby Ayrnes, the daughter of migrant workers, grows up knowing the price the vampire society demands. On either side are the angel and devil of the vampire society. Nathan West's admiration and desire drives him to be selfless. But it's Arthur Silvada, taking whatever he wants, who Abby finds she loves.

Vampire Society is a guided tour through the social and political evolution that opened our century. It is a love story and an indictment against our culture, answering the most important question about love: Is real love possible in the Vampire Society?

“The problem with Rand’s philosophy is that it leaves us in a wasteland, both emotional and philosophical. It tells us that our selfishness will be rewarded when, in fact, nothing is left but scorched earth,” Ken La Salle, the author of Vampire Society, said.

Ken La Salle will soon see other collections and novels available in digital media. He is represented by Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency.

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