Tuesday, March 01, 2011

We’ve got a fun couple of months coming…

(You may see this all over the place – or wherever I can post it. It’s important.)

March marks the beginning of a busy few months for my artistic growth and only a short lead-in to what will be a busier summer, I’m sure. Now, I know I’m blessed with quite a few people in my life who are looking to support my endeavors so let me spell it all out here so we know where we’re at.

March 21st. Monday evening, March 21st at 8pm, Alive Theatre in Long Beach will be considering my play, Sometimes We Find Our Way, for their 2012 season. The way this works is they’ll be holding a reading before an audience. They’ll be doing this for each show they’re considering and my show will be read that night. The cast will include the wonderful Stephanie Schulz, the incomparable Sonja Berggren, and myself in an inexcusable act of ego. My guess is that the best crowd stands the best chance.

I’m hoping you can be there to help me. The reading will be located at what the theater calls "The Farm". I won’t lie; it’s more on a “theater annex”. It’s a little hard to find off the street and parking is kind of a bitch (let's hear it for Long Beach street parking). But the theater is encouraging writers to bring an audience and if I could get a full-length produced that would certainly help me out quite a bit.

April 22 – May 21. Theatre of NOTE will be producing my short play, Persecution Complex, as part of their “Just the Tip” late night showcase. Persecution Complex is an insane look at relationships and neurosis and mobsters, oddly enough.

Of course, I’d love if you could go… but, and this is important, if you feel as though you need to choose between the two shows, I’d rather you go see Sometimes We Find Our Way. That is a full-length show up for consideration for a full production and that’s where I need the support. Mind you, if you can go to both, I would just love that. Heck, I certainly plan to go to both. But if you need to choose, I just wanted to let you know which way I hope you choose.
I’m including bit of information below to help you out.

This is Alive Theatre’s web site. This is their calendar. Look me up on March 21.

This is a map to their location. Actually, it’s a street-view as well, to give you an idea what it looks like. (Don’t be scared. There’s a theater in there. I’ll probably be waiting outside until the show starts to wave you in.)

And here’s the web site for Theatre of NOTE.
Thanks to all my incredible supporters through this crazy time. You’re all the best.

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