Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weeks without Vicky…

Vicky wraps up her teaching gig this week. She’s been teaching for five weeks straight, every night after her day job. (Yes, I know I’m unemployed and a louse by default – let’s move on.) I’m sure she’s exhausted, no matter how much she loves it – but enough of her. I wanted to talk about me… you know, again.

Five and a half years after we were married and I never cease being surprised by it all. Let me say something here that I’ve been fairly public about and that Vicky and I both understand: Vicky was not the love of my life when we got married. When I married Vicky, I was happy to have found someone I could live with and work with – after my last marriage, I didn’t need another “love of my life”. They were just trouble.

Little did I realize that, with time, I find myself more in love with her than I ever thought possible. Nobody – and I mean nobody – holds a candle to her. She’s funny. She’s smart. And I find myself needing her, craving her. She has honestly become essential to my existence. Yes, I’ll admit it. She has become the love of my life, undeniably.

And did I mention she’s been away for five weeks?

It’s driving me crazy.

But I am buoyed by the knowledge of how well we work together, how nicely our partnership functions. There’s no doubt in my mind that Vicky does everything she does so that I can do everything I do. She makes my lifestyle possible – not just in the little ways but she literally makes it possible for me to be the person I am. I couldn’t pursue my writing as I do without her. Working on both plays and books, I know she’s got my back 100% and that gives me a wonderful sense of security.

So, while I miss her, I am not worried in any way. I know she’ll be back and our lives will settle into a new schedule until it changes again, as it always does. Our lives are constantly in motion, it seems, but we handle it all pretty well as a couple, as a team.

These weeks without Vicky have got me thinking about this and about how very lucky I’ve been. I couldn’t tell you if she’s been lucky at all but I know I have. And I can’t wait for this weekend to be over so I can tell her that to her face.

(NOTE: This is not to say that Vicky can’t be a complete bitch. She can and often is. If I didn’t say this, I know she’d read this blog entry thinking she was pretty bitchen. Okay, Vic. You’re bitchen. I’ll admit that. But behave yourself and don’t get too arrogant… Now, come over here and give me some sugar.)

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