Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alive Theatre – Vicky…

Last night was the reading of Sometimes We Find Our Way at the Alive Theatre in Long Beach. For a full run-down on what I thought artistically, check out the Ken La Salle blog. In this space, however, I would like to talk about something (or, actually, someone) also essential: Vicky.

Vicky has always been a tremendous source of support. I couldn’t begin to tell you because it just extends in so many directions. She’s my proofreader, my cheerleader, and also very literally my financial backer. I couldn’t dream of someone more behind me in my artistic endeavors than Vicky.

But to give you some idea, let’s go to last night’s reading.

The workspace for Alive Theatre is located on 3rd Street in a little garage set way back off the street. It is not only difficult to find, it is also difficult to believe you’ve reached the right spot once you’re there. With this in mind, I did not wait inside with Vicky but waited outside on the cold street, where I could flag people down or greet them as they arrived.

Vicky, meanwhile, was greeting people inside, making them feel welcome, engaging them and helping pass the time while we awaited others. In this way, I began to think of Vicky as something like my first lady last night. She really was like my third arm, taking care of things when they slipped out of my grasp.

She also had a far better attitude about it than I did. When I asked her to guess how many people would show, she said a dozen in the audience alone. I guessed ten, counting the actors. It turned out we had an audience of 19, which was the best the theater had seen for all the plays they were considering!

Vicky saw to it that the actors had water if they needed it – I did. She also put together little gift bags for the two actresses working at my side. None of that would have happened if left up to me; I was too busy trying to make it work artistically, which is to say I was out to lunch.

I have often said how lucky I am to have Vicky in my life and working with me as a partner in my artistic endeavors. After a night like last night, I just wanted to share exactly what I mean by that.

Thanks, Vic.

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