Sunday, March 13, 2011

My child has allergies…

I was just thinking about something I’ve heard just about enough of: “My child has allergies.”

“Can you make sure there’s no dairy in that? My child has allergies.”

“I can’t get the one with almonds. My child has allergies.”

“Can you make sure there are no peanut parts, peanut scrapings, peanut essence – Can you make sure there was no peanut in the state where this was made? My child has allergies.”

When I was a child, none of this would have been tolerated. Children would have died by the thousands – and often did! “You eat what you’re given and that’s it. I don’t care how it makes you not be able to breath!”

Listen, my own mother wouldn’t get me glasses as a child because she wanted me to be tough. “I don’t care if you’re blind. There are starving children in Africa who would be happy to have the eyes you have.”

Now that I think of it, is that why we never hear about the starving children in Africa? Because all of the food children can’t eat because of allergies is going over there?

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