Tuesday, December 16, 2008

School's out for... winter?...

Well, it is! And I'm a happy man!

My prediction: one A and one B.

My film history class was a lot of fun. Even when it grew tiresome and old, I got to see so many great movies and even crappy movies I really liked. Standouts included: The Bicycle Thiefs (rocked my world), Bliss (wish it was on DVD!!), and Run Lola Run (stupid flick, great soundtrack!). Out instructor was so intense and obsessive, but it was because he was so passionate about film. You could see that and that made it more interesting, for me. I hit solid B's on each test and on the paper, and I think I got a B on the final, which is why I figure I pulled a B out of that class.

Philosophy: Rationalism & Empiricism... wow. Let me tell you about how Spinoza and Hume shook my universe. Oh wait! I can't! It would take too long. But this I can tell you: the more I study, the more I get the sense of philosophy as being this great machine and every class, every new philosopher, every new system, is a piece. Mind you, it's not a perfect machine but it is awe inspiring and I'm beginning to see how the pieces fit. More importantly, I'm finding where I can make repairs to make the machine work. Will I? Of this, I grow less certain every day. Hell, I could write a hundred books like Climbing Maya but they're nothing if nobody reads them. But that's okay, too. I can be a good man without being a great man... with a little work... I pulled A's on both papers and on our mid-term and, after last night's final, I'm sure I got an A in the class.

What's next?

I've got a month with nothing to do!... I wish! No, I've got plenty to do - plenty!

1) Rewrites on one book.
2) Work on another
3) Starting a new, short play about sex and other fuck-ups
4) A children's book.

... whaaaa?

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