Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Where we’ve been…

I’m going to be completely honest with you. Being out of work is killing my motivation to “blog”. So, my apologies if my silence is inconvenient.

That said, I’ve been dying to tell you about our weekend. Vicky and I drove up to Cambria this past weekend and, not just because we stayed in a beautiful Victorian home near the beach, it quickly became one of my favorite places. We had a fire every night in a big fireplace – sure, it was gas but hey – we hiked in the beautiful (if FUCKING COLD) Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, and we hit the neatest, little downtown I’ve had the fortune of enjoying in some time.

It’s our day walking around downtown that I’d like to tell you about today. It was a hoot. Not only was the weather exceptional – a bit cool but sunny and surrounded by greenery – we found two shops that just killed me.

The first shop will remain nameless to protect my favorite towny of the day. She ran a little furniture store with some absolutely gorgeous furniture. As Vicky and I looked, she came up next to me to let Vicky know, “I absolutely LOVE your hair!” Of course, this got Vicky talking. Vicky’s new neapolitan (meant for the ice cream not Naples) hair is something she and everyone around her has enjoyed – and she loves talking about it! I didn’t quite listen because something had caught my nose. I leaned a bit towards the shopkeep and sniffed… marijuana! She was stoned! I loved it! No wonder she was so friendly and happy; nobody gets that from selling furniture!

I always root for the rebels and find it interesting how pot often brings out our best qualities, while we are propagandized into believing it comes from Satan’s garden. Good for you, shopkeep!

My other favorite shop does not have a website I can find, which is too bad. I would love to turn you all onto it. It’s called Dirty Laundry, and it is in Cambria, right on Main Street. It sells the coolest, funniest nick-nacks anywhere. The guy who ran the store was very nice to us. And we bought a couple of things… of course. My favorite was the Shish-Kabob Ice Cubes. They come out of your freezer as little shish-kabobs and you stir your drink with them – too cool! I told Vicky that if I were employed, I would have bought a whole lot more!

So, we were very pleased and had a very good time.

On the way back, we hit Highway 46, just about the prettiest stretch of road I’ve seen in a while. I hope we can go back again very soon… and let’s hope I’m employed when we do!

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