Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm gonna eat some worms... or visa versa...

You’re wondering what a middle-aged philosopher does when he’s mind-breaking treatise on success fails to find a market, aren’t you? Hey, it’s not like I didn’t see that coming. Like I told Vicky at the time, I can either write the book that changes the world and no one will buy or I can write a really marketable horror novel. Vicky told me to write Climbing Maya, which I did.

Wormfood came after.

This week, I started sending out Wormfood. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s got everything from blood and gore to fucking and sucking, from children in peril and tough ex-cops to love on the rocks and young people finding love – like I said, everything.

The bitch is finding someone to read it.

So, here’s a bite of the letter that’s going out to spread the word. Let’s hope it catches some eyes:

Wormfood is a George Romero zombie flick on steroids. It’s the book Night of the Living Dead dreamed of being. When a worm infestation turns everyone on an island resort into feral, sex-crazed animals that feast on human flesh, how can a family escape from becoming Wormfood?

Wormfood is 77,000 words in length, packed with sex and gore and twists that leave you unable to put it down. It is the ultimate book of the dead for the adult horror market.

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