Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What the hell am I doing?…

I’m really disappointed by my career today… mostly because I don’t seem to have one.

I started a contract job yesterday, working for a guy who is trying to put together a web marketing company. He made it sound like I would be doing marketing work – putting together packages with web sites, partnerships, collateral, and the like – but it turns out I’m writing for him. To my amazement and sadness, I have discovered something awful – I hate writing.

Let me go back to the beginning.

I worked at Linksys for half a decade – okay, suffered at Linksys is more like it but I had half a decade under my belt. Then, IMC came along and said, “We can pay you more and give you more room for growth.” Okay, I said, and I took the job. Within 9 months, I was out. I was unemployed for six months. Then, Allied Schools, my previous employer, hired me on as an Assistant Marketing Manager, where I put together websites, created partnerships, managed several brands, created new collateral, and it turned out I really, really liked it. I enjoyed my job.

Then, they laid me off.


So, now, here I am working temp for this new guy. I started at $25/hour but then he went down to $20. Today I find out that they have a history of not paying their employees. The writing I’ve done is being changed to fit the owner, the guy who actually said to me today, “I can’t write worth a damn but can’t we just list the SEO words on the page? People don’t have to read it.” And then, I remembered why I hate writing – because those who can’t understand the least why they shouldn’t.

I know I’m at the whim of a cruel economy… but damn it sucks…

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