Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Outside… without my keys…

So, I was washing my car today… normally, I’m not totally anal retentive about my car. But, I figure when the bird shit accumulates to the point where people may think the design is intentional, it’s time to wash!

So, I went out today and began washing. Washing. Washing. I only used a little water, trying not to be an eco-idiot. When the car was ready to towel it off, I put down my rag and turned to go inside and get the towel.

Only one problem, though.

The door was locked.

Uh oh.

I didn’t even have to check to know: no keys.

I checked anyway.



As it happened, I did have my phone with me – both my cell and my cordless, home phone. I had brought them just in case I received a call about a job.

… I didn’t. Goddammit…

So, I called Vicky. Fortunately, Vicky works relatively close and she was willing to come home and let me in… if just barely…

Which gave me 20 minutes to… do… nothing.

Next time you really want to torture yourself. Stand outside for 20 minutes. You can’t go for a walk – at least, I couldn’t because I didn’t want to miss any calls I might have received about jobs… which never came. Goddammit…

You see, I tend to fill my day with distractions, keep myself busy, because the last thing I want to think about is out I’m unemployed, with no education, and how I’ve amounted to – if not nothing – at least the smallest calculable sum imaginable… that’s the last thing I want to think about…

… and so, that’s what I spent my time thinking about.

I’ve decided I’m never washing my car again. If anyone asks, I’ll call the pattern “Dalmation”.

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