Friday, February 02, 2007

And now, from the “What the hell are they thinking” department…

It’s galling, the level of disgust to which the Republicans can descend.

First, they get us into a war in a country that never did anything to hurt us.

Now, they’re trying to do it again. This time, it’s Iran. They tell us that Iran harbors terrorists (just like they said about Iraq) though they have no proof. They tell us Iran has weapons of mass destruction (just like they said about Iraq) though they have no proof. In fact, there’s proof out there against the assertion. The Repugs say that Iran has nukes when Iran is decades away from this.

But, let’s face it, folks, war has been very good to these people and their crony multinationals. Where do you think the additional $245 billion are going? Whose pockets do you think those line? And now, they want to go to Iran under equally egregious, equally dishonest grounds.

And it’s only just starting. Today one Repug said that Clinton wouldn’t make a good president because she was “too timid” in her attitude towards Iran, as if a presidential prerequisite must be “war criminal” or, at least, the desire to become one.

They’ve led us down the rabbit hole to show us it’s an abattoir.

And I’m no fan of Clinton’s. I’m not even a Democrat. But I think one clear distinction that continues to show is this: Mention “war” and you can tell who not to vote for by measuring the drool on their chins.

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