Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting’ ready to ride…

I took a 21 ½ mile ride today, from home to the Pond (I know it’s not called that anymore), up to Savi Ranch, and back. It was great.

And now, I’m sore.

Used to be, 60 or so miles was a treat. Now, I’m so out of shape, 20 or so hurts.

Ugh. Time to get back in shape, Ken.

It was nice, though, to be back out there again. The sun was warm. I got a bit of a tan. The air was so clear, you could even catch just the hint of salt coming up from the sea. The mountains looked great with a little snow and everything felt right.

But, here’s the thing. There’s a chance my friend, and the hardest working actor in the OC, Bob, and I may begin riding together next month. This guy has done centuries… I’ve done a few weeks… I have this terrible feeling, he’ll start out with, “So, what do you say to 90 miles… as a warm-up?”


March is coming quick… I better get ready.

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