Monday, September 08, 2008

How Murielle got her big date...


Bored. Bored. Bored.

See, the thing is I work with people who think it takes weeks to write two pages of copy. And I do that in hours. So, they can't generate enough to keep me busy... and I get bored.

I know I have to study for school. And I know I'll have three papers to write. But, right now, I'm bored.

I know I have a new book to write - but I can't do that without more information, which I'll mostly extract from my class in Epistemology. So, I've got a couple of months before that starts.

Hey! I know! Why not write a play filled with sex jokes and filthy language - you know, the kind I like to write. After You Fall turned out to be a nice dramedy but what about a balls out comedy?

Here's the thing: On the way in today, I had this conversation running through my head - which is usually how I know something wants to be written - between Murielle (a mid-20's modern girl) and Sam (a 21st century free spirit), talking about the virtues of having sex with whoever you want. Murielle is getting ready for her third date with a guy, who's coming over for dinner. Her neighbors, Sam and Angela (a middle-aged slut) give her advice but, mostly, they don't want another guy messing up Murielle's life. They each plan to test this new guy, Mark (a generally decent individual), in their own way - and generally make a mess of their date.

Murielle's Big Date is the name of the new show. Should be fun.

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