Monday, September 01, 2008

Approaching half a century…

Cyclists refer to distance in strange ways. They call 100 miles a century. They call 50 miles half a century.

Well, today I rode down the Santa Ana River and up the coast. I snacked near the Huntington Beach Pier and rode my bike on back for a total of 40.5 miles, the longest single trip I’ve done. As an ex-smoker and guy who is pretty obviously overweight, it gives me a good deal of pride to know I can do that and sets my sights on a half century goal.

Vicky was very sweet, by the way. She had coffee brewing when I got home and we sat together with coffee and fruit and biscotti and watched the last of the Democratic National Convention – and wasn’t that amazing – while I rested my incredibly weary bones. She even gave me a massage.

So, today I’m feeling pretty good about my life.

Neurosis returns tomorrow – never fear.

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