Saturday, September 13, 2008

Act One… the first act…

What can I tell you? I finished Act One of Murielle’s Big Date. Is it a better play than After You Fall? Probably. Is it a better play than any of my others? Absolutely.

Is it in any way meaningful or substantial? No fucking way.

Here’s the thing. Murielle’s Big Date is a fever dream. It comes out of me like a geyser from a place I didn’t know existed. It’s not as though I thought I wasn’t possible of silliness, extreme whimsy, bat-shit-whacko… I just didn’t think I could do it this consistently.

You have 40 pages of people being nuts, of joyous, in your face, randomness. A general fuck you to the world.

And I love it. Every bit.

After You Fall turned on the spigot.

Murielle’s Big Date is the surge of sewer water that exploded after.

(First one who says, "Now you have to write Act Two", gets slapped.)

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