Friday, January 26, 2007

This is what insomnia with Ken is like…

There are times when my mind goes so fast, I feel like yelling, “Stop the ride! I want to get off!” This afternoon, it was tearing donuts in my head, a combination of lack of sleep from the night before and the misfortune of having “all you can eat pancakes” from IHOP. (The pancakes weren’t bad but what was I thinking with all that syrup? Sugar in a hyper mind? That’s nuts!… um, scratch that.) Tonight, well…

See, my brand of insomnia is what I call “busy head”. There’s no rhyme or reason. My brain just throws up everything I’ve experienced all at once and random selections pass into view. There’s a song from Moonwash. There’s that girl from the TV show, F-Troop. There’s some algebra. And all the time, the librarian in my mind is cackling relentlessly.

It’s pretty exhausting… you think it would make me tired!

Well, it does, of course. It just doesn’t let me sleep.

And as for tonight, well, insomnia kind of feeds on itself. Once you start – or once I start, I’m on the ride for a couple days, sometimes for as long as a week. I just have to ride it out.

Or take melatonin. This beautiful discovery was Vicky’s doing and it works like a charm. The only downside is it works too well, hits me like a sledgehammer. So, I think I’m going to pass on the sledgehammer tonight. Instead, I figure I’ll go do a little jogging at the gym and see how tired that makes me.

Sleep tight!

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