Sunday, January 28, 2007

And this from the Ministry of Silly Walks…

My left leg was asleep when I woke up this morning.

… I sure wish someone had told me that.

The thing was, it wasn’t tingling or feeling at all asleep. It wasn’t numb. It was just dead.

So, I rolled out of bed like I do every morning. I put my feet down like I do every morning. I stood up like I do every morning.

… and I fell on my ass screaming like a little girl. Most mornings, I don’t do that.

Vicky came a’running at the sound of my pleas but there was little she could do… except, perhaps, laugh.

So, I guess I won’t be calling her a klutz for a while…

1 comment:

Jenn from WA said...

So here's the solution. If in doubt, have a sharp instrument next to your bed. Poke yourself several times. If you can't feel it, your leg's asleep. Don't stand up. If you can, your good to go. Of course, you'll have to go straight to the medicine cabinet to get a bandaid...but you won't have fallen on your arse.