Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Because I know you'd want to know...

Two "news" stories struck me as interestingly ironic as they sat side by side on Yahoo today.

First, we've come to learn through the auspices of the UN - you remember, that organization that Shrub's folk are sure doesn't exist - that we Americans, the good guys, only killed 34, 452 Iraqi civilians last year. (Were they our bullets? Did we fire? By starting the present atrocity, we are just as guilty.) Now, if this was the yearly total for the past few years, I'm sure there are a whole lot of Americans who would be happy - nay, sexually slaked - to know that we're raining down a 10 to 1 payback for the deaths of 911...

... oh wait. That's right. They had nothing to do with 911, despite Shrub's remaining insistence to the contrary whenever it's convenient.

Too, the supposed attacks on 911 were in no way about a missile striking the plane (missiles posing as planes is another story), and yet the idiots in charge are prepared to spend billions to equip commercial planes with anti-missile technology. (Which probably won't work.) Good going guys... now how about some anti-stupid technology.

Just more examples of just how stupid they are and how stupid they think we are.

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