Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When is enough enough?…

So do you think Bush has had enough, yet?

Has he had enough of violating the Constitution? After retracting Habeas Corpus several weeks ago, he signed another bill yesterday that allows prisoners to be put to death for confessions beaten out of them – not prisons of war, all prisoners. Americans. He says he does this to stop "the terrorists" and, yet, those it harms the most are the people he has sworn to protect. The people he hates so much in the country he hates so much. Has he had enough of that? Probably not.

Has he had enough of killing innocent women and children? Recently, the number of civilian dead in Iraq was released and was tallied at over 600,000 lives. Iraq played no part in 9/11 and, yet, Bush insists on killing these people. Are over half a million innocent people enough? Probably not.

Is this the America you were raised to love? A country that kills the innocent, both at home and abroad? Is that what you love about our country?

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